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Photographer Bios

Lucy Walker
George Kelly
I began my photo career as a photojournalist having attended the University of Missouri School of Journalism from 1989 -1991. I am primarily interested in the way things appear naturally: I only set things up if asked to for a portrait. I prefer to find things. Discovering something is more fun for me than making something up. I still photograph using film for a number of reasons too boring to get into. Let's just say I like the cameras better and prefer darkroom work to hours in front of a computer. I have been living in Portland since 1991 and take the vast majority of my photos here. I belong to two photo groups locally: the Lightleak group and the Portland Grid Project.
William Washburn
Over the course of my four decades in photography I have endeavored to document the people and places I have had the opportunity to experience. My focus has been more on the familiar than on the exotic, more the specific than the general. Therefore, when the opportunity presented itself to participate in The Portland Grid Project arose, I jumped at it. How wonderful it has been to spend the better part of twenty years slowly examining and documenting the city of Portland, Oregon, a city I call home. The ability to share this exploration of our ever changing city with a group of dedicated photographers has been a real blessing.
David Potter
I was born.


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