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Photographer Bios

Kyle Souder
Angela Holm
Zeb Andrews
Bobby Abrahamson
Larry Cwik
Several of my long-term projects, including The Visitor, Walking 1000 Miles through Mexico, Morocco, and An Arctic in Flux have taken me far from my home of Portland. So it has been a joy to photograph specifically in my hometown of Portland for this project. I have lived in Portland since 1982. Participating in this project has allowed me to experience parts of Portland that I did not know, had never visited, or could see again newly. My art practice is multi-disciplinary in photography, drawing, film, and installation. Portland is a great place and I am glad to be part of this project.
Philippe Justel
Roberta Margolis
Gary Gumanow
Gary Gumanow began photographing at the age of 8 in New York City. He moved to Portland in 1997, moved to Austin in 2007, and later Houston. He moved back to Portland in 2015 and joined the Grid Project in 2016. He shoots primarily Medium Format with a Hasselblad SWC/M, Pentax 67ii, and Mamiya 7; in black and white, and prints all the photos found here in his darkroom. He works for a small startup company, Intel, which someday might make it big.
Sarah Taft
I have been photographing since the age of 16, when I fell in love with the darkroom in high school. I attended undergrad in New Paltz, New York and I currently live and create in Portland, Oregon. I value analog methods of art making and hand make each of my prints on silver gelatin paper. I also work at Blue Moon Camera in the St. Johns neighborhood, where I'm surrounded by a like-minded analog family.
Jason Moore


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