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Photographer Bios

Jeffrey Thorns
Paul Sutinen
Paul Sutinen is Co-Chair of the Art Department and Director of Art Programs at Marylhurst University. He is a sculptor who makes photographs.
Patrick Stearns
The “Illustrious” Career of Patrick Stearns My interest in photography began in 1963 when I was about fourteen years old and I developed my first photograph under the basement stairs of my parents house using a bare light bulb to make a contact print. It was a magical experience watching that latent image appear in the developing solution, and my fascination with the photographic process has never waned. In the late 1980’s my work changed from primarily shooting color landscapes to applying black and white photography as a means of personal expression. Using my camera to explore the world is, for me, much more satisfying and a great deal more interesting than traditional landscape photography. I especially enjoy working on long term projects, such as the Portland Grid Project and the Westside light rail construction (one of Portland, Oregon’s mass transit systems) because they give me the opportunity to build a rapport with the people I am working with, as well as the time needed to understand and explore my subject matter.
Faulkner Short
I'm 31. Studied with Craig Pozzi at Portland State University. Shown regionally. Printer at Blue Moon Camera and Machine by day, and volunteer at Newspace Center for Photography.I look for images that seem to prestage an impending event, mysterious or amusing.
Rich Rollins
Rich Rollins has a BS in Education from the University of Vermont and an MFA in Photography from Arizona State University. He is married to a photographer and they have two children. He has been on the exhibition committee of Blue Sky Gallery in Portland since 1989.
Steve Rockoff
A transplant to Portland metro area in 1988 from California via Cleveland,Ohio and New Jersey.....Still committed to black and white film 35mm or 6x6cm capture and processing with color smartphone images added 2016.....Inspired by Portland Lightleak and Interim photo group members but akin to an earlier generation of predigital/ precolor photojournalists to 2013 round of Portland Grid Project.
Dennis Purdy
Doug Prior
Nathan Lucas
Ann Kendellen
Ann Kendellen spent her early formative years in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. After stints in Colorado and Southern California, she landed in Portland, Oregon, in 1986. Her combined past studies in sociology, literature and fine arts continue to affect how and what she photographs in the Portland community today.


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